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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Friend Is A Gay

I am so very shocked.

This is my first time being so close with such a kind of person. He looks like an average nice and amicable kind of guy. He is also very soft-spoken. But only today did I get to find out that he (You replace the "u" in "guy" with an "a" and you get "gay").

Anyway...I was giving Britney some water after her meal today (Britney is a female Malinois that I share with my buddy, G, in our dog handling course) when I heard my buddy and another bunk mate, K, talking with GY (the gay).

"So how is he? Is he handsome?" G and K were asking.

"Erm...yah. He is my gay friend. By the way, I am gay. Hehe." GY replied.

I am like so very cold. I didn't know that GY was gay...only until then. I was also very I have heard of gays and their communities in Singapore but have not really came so close to one and knowing it.

He is a nice and quiet guy who helps us out when we needed help. For example, he lent his civilian clothes to this guy, M, when he didn't bring his so that M could book-out in civilian. He also help us to clean the area whenever there's area cleaning. He also accompanied me for breakfast when everyone else was still asleep in the morning. A real nice guy.

Hey...I am not gay ok. But this really put me in a dilemma. He is our bunk mate who sleeps in the same room with us and a gay also.

It's gonna be very weird from now on. People will definitely treat him differently after knowing it. Whether it's for the better or for the worse depends on their views on gay.

Personally, I will definitely still treat him as a friend. But if he crosses the line...that's it man. As for the breakfast-with-him thingy...hopefully he still remains the same as before and not try anything funny.


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