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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bad Impression

Imagine this. You have just received this job at a new place. You don't know who your colleagues are. The only ones you know are your three friends who got the same job as you. You get ready for work even though you are sick with a flu. On Monday you arrived at your workplace and worked all the way until it's time to go. However, when you arrived home, you realised that you've overstrained yourself. BAM!!. You are now in a worse condition than before. You decided to go and see a doctor. You are given 3 days medical leave and you wonder if your colleagues that you have just met might accuse you of skiving. Then on the third day of your medical leave, you are still sick with breathing problems and chest pain. So should you go back to work? Or should you see a doctor (your colleagues will think that you are skiving and your superior might not like it)?

Well, that's the type of situation I am facing.

Hopefully my colleagues will understand the situation I am facing. This flu has been going on since last Friday. It stayed as a flu until Monday where the sore throat and cough came in. I wanted to go back to camp to work but the story of the mysterious deaths of NSmen really made me reconsider. So I went to the A&E at NUH (Accident and Emergency at National University Hospital) as the clinics were all closed at that time (it was around 10.30pm). When I saw the doctor, he said that I had a serious throat infection and gave me 3 days of medical leave. It is infectious (now my brother is starting to cough like me...sorry bro). The first day is used in the 10.30pm to 12.00am period. I reached home at around 1.00am which is the second day already. I slept through the whole second day, occasionally walking about in the house for blood circulation.

Now is the third day. Well, I still am experiencing difficulty in breathing and chest pains. Is it that my childhood asthma has come back? I am not too sure. But I know that if this goes on, the people at my camp (my workplace) may have a bad impression of me...thinking that I am trying to chao geng (skive).

Now where did I put my Ventolin...

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