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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It Is An Asthma Attack!

I saw the doctor just now and she said that it wa is an asthma attack.

"Asthma attack?"

"Yes. Now asthma can be triggered by several factors. They are: cold weather, animal fur, pollutants, work environment..."

The rest was a blur. The words "animal fur" really stunned me.

"But I am a dog handler in a military camp!"

I am like, "I am a dog handler and I can't touch dogs?"...what is this?

When I went in to see the doctor, she asked a few questions and checked my breathing using her stethoscope. She said that my breathing sounded "wheezy" so she sent me for nebuliser treatment (the one with the gas mask worn and you can see smoke coming out of the mask thingy). Then I went for a chest X-ray. Then back to her.

"Hm...your X-ray shows nothing wrong. However, your wheezing sound is still there. So I will send you for another session of nebuliser treatment."

What another one? With each treatment, your heart beats's a side-effect. So you can just imagine how FAST my heart beat was. I even experienced a sharp pain suddenly during the second session. Thank God I am still alive.

"'s still there. but I can't give you another session of nebuliser. Here's a letter to your camp MO (Medical Officer) and you need to rest at home for 2 days. No strenuous activity ok? An if you still suffer another asthma attack, I think you may need to go to the hospital straight away. Come back and see me after 2 days for a follow-up."

After that, we (my father and I) went to this room for counselling. It's some counselling session for people who live with asthma. "It's not curable but it can be prevented," this was what I learnt.

This is roughly what happened. However, what I am more concerned is that whether I can still be a dog handler. I won't want all the training to go to waste. And yet, I am asthmatic. So is it health or duty?

Haiz...I think I will just hand this matter up to God and let His will be done in my life.

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