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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dog Platoon - Alert and Steadfast

The day has finally arrived. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Happy because I wouldn't be scrubbing kennels and drains anymore. Sad because I will leave my friends and colleagues.

I came to the Dog Platoon in July. Things have been a roller coaster ride since then.

I can still remember the times when our ICs (In-charge) would rush us to scrub the white tiles of the kennels. For your information...the white tiles that we scrub contains a myriad of bacteria and germs. They come mainly from the waste material excreted by our canine friends. The dogs will just step on their own *ahem* and jump around their kennel...resulting in brown stuff on the white tiles.

Then there was this case where the drains had green moss due to a surplus of nitrates from the waste excreted by the dogs. So it's not surprising that green moss flourish there. So...we were told to scrub off the green moss from the drain. I tell you it's not times the angle just isn't right...making scrubbing difficult. But's our job to scrub.

It's not always drains and waste in Dog Platoon. There were fun times too. For example there was this unofficial Chinese Chess competition with Teo as the reigning champion. Then there was Sports Day where we played soccer with our seniors.

Even though the work is terrible (imagine scrubbing the walls of a room with waste - both liquid and solid form - all over), but the people there are nice and friendly (well at least most of them are).

Now...I am officially out of Dog Platoon as I have been posted to another place (HQ RSAF). Well I heard that life there is much more pleasant...both to the eyes and nose. was weird in the sense that my friends was sad that I was leaving. However they were happy that O was leaving too as he's blur...very blur (he can even do his clearance properly).

Haiz...I will sure miss them.

Alert and Steadfast

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