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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Today's Outing

I received a SMS earlier today from my BMT (Basic Military Training) buddy, YX. Basically it's about an outing for our platoon at Somerset MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station at around 7.30 pm. We will have a dinner together before catching a movie.

So I went enthusiastically...hoping to see how my friends are doing. However when I reached there...I saw none of them. A few minutes later I received a SMS saying that it was postponed.


So I went and had my dinner myself at Yoshinoya. Then I went to Times Bookshop and bought a great book titled "Quantum Physics: A Beginner's Guide To The Subatomic World". With that I went home.

So how much did I spend today?

Transport: $3.83
Book: $15.75
Yoshinoya: $5.40
Honey with lemon drink: $1.00
Total: $25.98

Wow...that's quite a lot for me. Maybe I should have just eaten fried rice instead.

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