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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Christmas Card

Well, now that my mother is healthy, I guess my mood to blog has come back. Recently, I got a card from a friend. In case you are wondering, this friend is a female. It's quite rare to receive cards these days (this applies to me, not sure about the rest of you). I guess it's because people are too busy to take note of nitty-gritty things such as sending cards. But sending cards is still a nice thing to do. The effort in choosing one, writing it and posting it is really quite a lot. I've tried once to send a Christmas card and I know how hard it is...some may say that it is "ma fan" (troublesome).

So who is this card from? It's from my JC (Junior College) friend Ee Min. I still remember that we were part of the new batch of students that entered 03S21 after the first three months in JC. Then Mrs Geetha Nair allocated us to our own PW (Project Work) Groups. Well, she happens to be in my group. Or is it I that happened to be in her group? Anyway, my point is that we were both in the same group along with Priscilla, Krithika and Yan Lam. The five of us had a lot of fun during the Project Group Work as we had a lamer and four hardworking girls. I may joke a lot but hey...I work also.

(Well, thanks for the card Ee Min. And thanks for your well-wishes for my mother. The chess set may soon be a marketable item. Who knows? It might be a hit in the future.)

She's also as lame as me. It was her that thought me this sentence:

"Lameness is a form of art" ~ Ho Ee Min

What profoundness in five words!!'s six words. Sorry. I agree with it as many people think that lame jokes are "lame", dead jokes that give you stares from people around. But it takes a certain point of perception at that particular joke for people to enjoy it. At times, lame jokes are actually quite witty. An example:

Le Chatelier's Principle ~ A Chemistry principle.
Le Chatelier's Principal ~ His school principal.

Isn't it witty?

Anyway, her card ended with this:

"Dun lose your lameness or the art will lose one good missionary!"

Wow...I didn't know that I was some missionary for the cause of lameness! So what's the job scope? Making people lame? Telling lame jokes? ( offence Ee Min). I've tried to be lame and only received some verbal abuse and Sad huh?

Anyway, thanks for the card. It's nice to know that your friends still remember you.

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