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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Nanyang Girl

It's been going for some time now. She is from Nanyang Girls' High, the school where the girls wear white. She's always there at the bus stop. It was I was in Sec 4? That would be the year...2002. My it's been 4 years and she's still there. Well, I guess she must be in Sec 4 now. Every morning as I go to school / work, she would be there (ok, "every" is too much. How about "most of the time"?).

I can still remember that time when I was in Sec 4, she would come to the bus stop with her mother. Now, she's by herself. She takes the same bus as me as her school is just beside mine, (Nanyang Girls' High and National Junior College are like just beside each other). Now, even though I am in NS (National Service), I still happen to take the same bus as her as the bus - 157 - passes by this bus stop with another bus that leads to my workplace. All I know about her is that she's in Chinese Orchestra (there was this time when she was carrying some Chinese Orchestra instrument), other than that, I know nothing about her. At times, in the bus, she would look at me...then and even now. Weird huh? I think she must be thinking the same thing as me...

" come I see him again?"
"Is he the guy that I saw when I was in Sec 1?"
"Haha...he sure looks shuai (it means handsome in Chinese) in that uniform :D" - This is just my may not be true...or is it?

Anyway, it's not that I like her or anything like that. It's just...weird...seeing the same person, even though you don't know him/her, and this has been on for 4 years! Well, I guess I will just ignore this whole thing as a "weird" event.

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Blogger 五師兄 said...

Will u talk to her some day?

4:39 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Lol...I don't think so. I guess I will just keep quiet. Also, it's not like I like her or anything, but I just find it weird bumping into the same person for like...4 years.

4:39 PM, January 10, 2006  

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