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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First Working Day Of The Year

Today was quite different from any other days. It's the first working day of the year. I was expecting it to be slow-paced since everybody's just celebrated the New Year and are still in the mood. However, I was wrong.

This morning, as I took the bus (157) to work, I could hardly find a place to seat. There were many people (mostly students) standing. Orientation! It must be the first day of school for them! Be it Junior College (JC) or Secondary School, they are all having their Orientation. There were CHIJ, Hwa Chong, Raffles, Nanyang students in the bus. Some of them were SMS-ing, while some of them were It's only the first day, what's there to mug? Well, the one who mugged came from quite a good JC, so I guess the stress is there. The whole scene reminded me of my JC days, both Year 1 and 2. I used to be one of them sitting here in the bus going to NJC (National Junior College). But now, I am going to NS while my juniors are going to school. Nostalgia. When the bus reached the place, I could hardly get down! I was trying to squeeze my way out of the bus saying, "Excuse me...erm...Excuse Me...*ahem* EXCUSE ME." After alighting, I took 177 to work.

Work was ok today. Wasn't very slack nor was it hectic. At least it was slow-paced as I expected, unlike the scene in the bus. However, I needed to do some OT (Overtime) as something cropped up. In the end, I went back late.

After work me and my friends, Evan and Kenny boarded the bus back home. I met my old Secondary School friend, Yong Xiang, at the bus. Asked him how he was and caught up with old times. After my stop arrived, I changed from 177 to 157 again. The bus was not crowded then. In it, I saw students waering different uniforms in groups. Some of them even paired up already! The girl was from a girls' school. I guess it must be the sudden exposure to boys that caused the pairing up to occur. It must be the JC Orientation. In the JC Orientation, you get to meet students from other Secondary School who will be your classmates or schoolmates. Some of them may even end up to be your best friends in the future. Sure reminded me of those times when I was in their shoes. Well, the day was fine I guess. Nothing much happened.

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