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Friday, December 30, 2005

Medan Trip - Interesting Things

There are some interesting things that I found or had happened while I was there.

There's The Body Shop and Ya Kun Kaya Toast there. Didn't expect to see these two shops in Medan...haha.

But there was this shop that surprised me.

Bread Life! Lol...

Can you believe it? Ice cream at 1,000 Rp! That's like S$0.20! Cheap huh?

This happened when 2 of my family members went to see the doctor. The sign at the door says, "Perhatian, mohon jangan parkir mobil tepat didepan pintu ini. Terima kasih." In English it reads, "Notice: Please do not park your car right in front of this door. Thank you."

And I thought I never would see his face

Found these books in a bookshop. Well, it only goes to show that schools there like the books we use here...haha.

Found this poster at a KFC restaurant in one of the plazas. It basically means that the Rice Meal consists of 1 Chicken, 1 Rice and 1 Reg Coke for just 9,000 Rp (it's about S$1.80). I found the "1 Rice" part weird. One rice?

Found a stray dog and cat on different days when I returned home. The dog reminded me of my days as a dog handler. As for the cat, my cousin took pity on it and decided to adopt it. However, my Grandmother said no. Sad huh?

Well, I guess that's all for my trip to Medan. Hopefully you've enjoyed the photos and the articles :)

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