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Friday, December 30, 2005

Medan Trip - Medan

Life in Medan is so different from that of Singapore. For example...

Look! No helmet on the streets!

The first photo shows the back of a man selling cigarettes and two boys selling newspapers for money. The second shows a man playing his guitar for money. The third shows another boy selling newspapers for money.You won't find these here in Singapore. Well, these are poor people who are asked by their parents to look for extra income by these means. Some of them like the one in the second photo can't find a proper job and has to use such means to earn an income. It's sad but this is the life of some people there.

The road conditions there...hmm...can be improved. It's no wonder to see holes here and there along the roads.

This was my school where I studied in. Methodist 3, the place where I had my kindergarten education. I would have looked like these children back then dressed in white shirt and red pants.

This is Normansen. It used to be one of the top universities in Medan. But recently, standards have dropped. It's no longer as impressive as it used to be. It looks like it's poorly maintained.

Live chickens and cows! You don't get to see farm animals such as these in Singapore man...but I saw them! Haha...they were walking about and eating. It was quite an experience. It's one thing to learn about them through books and another thing to learn by actually SEEING them LIVE!

Parking your car is not as safe as it is here. This car here was scratched. Scratches like these are common there. Some are done by juveniles while some are done by "tukang parkir" (parking attendants) who help drivers find a parking space. The reason? May be due to not receiving enough money or simply just for the "fun" of it.

This is called a "Becak" (Trishaw). It's very common in Medan. The one in the picture is used with a motorcycle. Traditional ones are used with a bicycle.

This is what some people do in their free time - playing chess. After this photo was taken, I realised that the advertisement behind the man on the right looks kinda It was an advertisement for some massage cream.

This woman was smoking and sleeping at the same time! But by the time I got my camera ready, the cigarette was no longer there. How sad it is. But scenes like this is common where people will display their goods on the floor on top of a mat to sell to potential customers. Of course sleeping is not part of their job scope.

These are pictures of the market there. They even have a CD shop!

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