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Sunday, January 01, 2006

JanjiMu Sperti Fajar Pagi Hari

Ketika kuhadapi kehidupan ini
Jalan mana yang harus kupilih
Kutahu ku tak mampu
Kutahu ku tak sanggup
Hanya Kau Tuhan tempat jawabanku

Akupun tahu ku tak pernah sendiri
Sebab Engkau Allah yang menggendongku
TanganMu membelaiku
CintaMu memuaskanku
Kau mengangkatku ke tempat yang tinggi

JanjiMu sperti Fajar pagi hari
Dan tiada pernah terlambat bersinar
CintaMu sperti sungai yang mengalir
Dan kutahu betapa dalam kasihMu

This song was sung in Church today. (Is it a coincidence that the first day of 2006 falls on the Lord's day? I don't think so.) Anyway, I like this song as it talks about an individual who is confused in life and troubled. But the promises and love of God sees him through life. Very nice song.

Hopefully in this year, I may be a more matured Christian, drawing closer to God as the days pass by.

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Blogger peiling said...

Hi Stephen, was googling the lyrics of this song because the cd is with another friend. Although I'm a Chinese Malaysian, am currently enjoying very much the Glorio Trio CD which has this song in it. It often encourages me to see saints from all around the world writing about the Lord and their walk with Him, reminding me what a Great God we serve - one who is so gracious and experienced personally by every individual! :) Noticed you have not posted for some years, and hope you are continually keeping your eyes on the Lord! :)

In Christ,
Pei Ling

3:19 PM, April 14, 2010  

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