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Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Rich Are You?

A few months ago, I created this new survey to find out how people are doing financially. The purpose? I guess it's just to have a rough idea of the financial status of the majority.

I guess the majority of the people who polled are poor. Next in line are those who are financially comfortable. But there is a trend. As you go up the financial ladder, the number of people in that group gets lesser and lesser. I guess the financial pyramid of the poor being the majority with the rich high up there still remains in society even though Mankind has "progressed" from decades ago. I guess this is an aspect of society which cannot be avoided.

Meanwhile kindly do the next survey that I have just created :D

(Note: Not sure what happened to the tagboard...doesn't seem to be working. Oh man...and I have just installed it like a few days ago. Hopefully it comes back again after sometime.)

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