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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Malaysian Idol - Roti vs Susu

This post is dedicated to my cousin and her class of friends from SJC (Saint Joseph's Convent). She refused to reveal her class claiming that she has amnesia. Seriously, I think she needs help. I am glad that she and her friends have enjoyed "You Cannot Parking Here!". Here's another one from Malaysian Idol...

For those who couldn't catch it no matter how many times you listen to it, here's the "lyrics" of it:

2 dollar...2 dollar...
Susu segar susu segar
It's fresh and cold
A milk a day a milk a day
It's all to make your day

Arr...roti roti roti roti
Make you strong like me
Come here auntie buy my roti
You can even eat it plain

Kopi susu yene susu
Goes with anything...orh

Roti kaya roti sardine
Any roti also can

Hope that you've enjoyed it :D

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