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Thursday, April 27, 2006

100 Things About Me

Here's my "100 things about me" list:

1. Born in Singapore, raised in Indonesia.
2. Able to speak English, Hokkien, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese (not that fluent though).
3. Born as the first child in a two-boys family.
4. Played the drum at the age of 10.
5. Still playing in Church.
6. Tried to play the organ but couldn't keep up.
7. Learning the piano by myself.
8. Have a scar at my left toes due to an accident. I was having tuition then when I climbed the windows (I was still young, so don't blame me for being playful) when one of the window panes fell and cut my toes. Luckily my toes didn't came off.
9. I like Gui Ling Gao (some kind of Chinese herbal jelly).
10. Grew up in a traditional family (yup you guessed it, be back home before 10 else my parents will call).
11. I am made fun of due to my "traditional-ness".
12. Encountered the first girl who "like" me when I was in Primary 5.
13. Realised later that it was only puppy-love.
14. My first pet was a hamster.
15. It got lost after a few weeks later(It isn't my fault. It's the hamster's fault for running away).
16. Afraid of dogs.
17. Was chased by one when I was still young, about 7 or 8 years old then.
18. Played the role of a "turtle" and "reindeer" during my kindergarten play.
19. Forced to put on lipstick as the teachers claimed that it would make us little children "cute". Eww...the disgusting taste...the horror...where's children's right?
20. Favourite colour? Used to be green, now it's blue.
21. Favourite food? I don't play favourites with my food.
22. I am seen as a lame person by some, serious by some, anti-social by some and someone who can be confided with by some.
23. I love my family.
24. I am a Christian.
25. Born to a Chrisitian family.
26. I am already baptised.
27. I don't club. Don't plan to.
28. I have a friendster account but rarely use it.
29. I love to blog.
30. I have 300++ posts as of today in my blog.
31. Visitors wise, it's about 35000++ as of today.
32. I don't show the visitor count as I feel that it's the content and not the amount of visitors that's important.
33. Shucks, I am still at 33.
34. Oh well, it's 34 now.
35. I share everything with my family.
36. I am able to roll my tongue. Can you?
37. Until now, I sometimes still get mixed up on when to use "practice" and "practise". Do you?
38. I listen to classical, instrumental and Christian music.
39. Heavy metal and trance ain't my kind.
40. My blog's birthday is 30th January. Shucks...that's one more to remember.
41. I tell lame jokes.
42. Some like them while others don't.
43. I plan to go to NTU (Nanyang Technological University) after NS (National Service) to do Material Engineering.
44. Why? Because I find materials interesting. I was attached to IMRE (Institute of Materials Research Engineering) when I was in JC (Junior College) and it was there that I found out that materials can be interesting.
45. I came from NJC (National Junior College), CSS (Commonwealth Secondary School), Jurong Primary School, Methodist-3 (the name of my kindergarten in Medan).
46. I was from the Symphonic Band in NJC. I was a percussionist then.
47. I major in the drum set and snare drum.
48. People say that I don't have the drummer look.
49. Instead, they tell me that I look like a librarian.
50. Halfway through...
51. Used to have a drum set at home, but complaints from neighbours due to the noise saw my drum set sold.
52. Tried selling things on e-Bay, but to no avail.
53. I play the PS2.
54. My family serve in Church in their own appointments.
55. My father preaches the sermon.
56. My mother is a worship leader.
57. My brother is a worship leader/vocal supporter.
58 Myself? You've guessed it. The one playing the drums to make I mean.
59. Until now, some people still think that I am a female, well, sorry to disappoint, but I am a male.
60. It must be due to the title "Steph's Blog".
61. Do I plan to change the title? Nope.
62. Nicknames that I have include "Xi Di Fen", "Detergent", "Steph" and (shucks) "Nini".
63. "Nini" was given by my junior Yulin.
64. It was meant to be a short-form of "Stephanie". Somehow it became "Nini".
65. Now, my friends call me that. That's sad.
66. more to go.
67. My favourite subject? Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Biology is okay except for the fact that you need to memorise words such as "fibrillogen", "diuretic" and "pharynx".
68. Have I ever been in love? How do you define love then?
69. Yes, I am ignoring the subject.
70. Gave free tuition to one lucky recipient out of goodwill. The recipient saw an improvement from the Prelims and O Levels results ;P
71. I sleep early, about 10:30 pm.
72. I wake up early, about 4:30 am.
73. I am now 19 years old.
74. I bought a Chip (the squirrel from Disney) soft toy for my brother when I was in Primary 6. It burned a hole in my walletbut it's worth it, seeing how much my brother liked it. Even my parents found it cute.
75. Have I given anything to a girl before? Yup. Her printed notes.
76. One-quater more to go.
77. I am able to bend my thumb backwards such that it forms a 90 degree angle with itself. Can you?
78. I can wink. Can you? Of course you can.
79. I don't know much about actors and actresses except for the popular ones like Tom Cruise who starred in "Finding Nemo" and Nemo who starred in "Mission Impossible".
80. I am now using a Nokia phone.
81. If there's anyone I would like to be, who is it? Myself.
82. Am I happy being myself? Yes.
83. What's the most important thing in a girl? Her character, the side that cannot be seen.
84. Have anyone enjoyed my lame jokes. Yup, there's even one girl who had hiccups because of it (don't get me wrong, it's because she laughed too much and not because she was horrified.)
85. Firefox or Internet Explorer? Firefox.
86. The year I was born in.
87. My brother was born.
88. Is there a past-tense for "born"? Not that I know of.
89. My friends recommend me to play games with titles such as "Hug-Man" where your character goes around hugging bad guys. Seriously, I don't play such games.
90. They recommend that to me as they know that I can't play games with violence and gore.
91. So what do I play? Minesweeper.
92. 9 more to go.
93. I would like to have a mp3 player for my birthday. Either from Creative or Apple. Must be able to act as a storage media too.
94. Some people say that I look like a Japanese.
95. I tell them that I am Singaporean.
96. I used to play the "Tamagochi" which used to be a craze then when I was in Primary 6.
96. Now? I no longer play that.
97. Have I undergone any operation? No and I don't plan to.
98. How about surgery? Well, the wisdom teeth, all four of them.
99. One more to go.
100. Yay! It's finally done :D

Okay, you might say that the "100 things about me" list above is kinda lame. Well, at least I did it. Thanks for reading.

(Yulin: This is to keep your eyes away from the disturbing pictures and please, no more "Nini"s)

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