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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Is The One Thing You Wish A Guy Will Do For You?

I was browsing around MIW when I saw this.

I went there and saw some interesting opinions from our female friends. Well, these are what they want their guys to do for them:

Erlina: Surprise me with a home cooked meal.
Nadirah: Give me little surprises from time to time like pop up suddenly in front of me when i least expected it.
Kathy: Make me a romantic home-made dinner all by himself.
Janelle: Ask me to be his girlfriend.
Faizah: I wish that he will not irritate me with his actions or give me problems that might ruin our relationship.

Have you done any of these to your special someone? I know I haven't.

By the way, today is World No Tobacco Day, so please don't smoke. That's something most girls hate.

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