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Friday, May 19, 2006

Of Superman And The Da Vinci Code Movie

I was reading today's TODAY when this article caught my attention.

When I first read the first few paragraphs, I thought that it would be another article on how young children can be influenced by superheroes who fly at will and the dangers it involves (children trying to fly who end up with injuries). However, a few of the words and phrases used made me think otherwise. I can't help but notice that the article, "A super dilemma", somehow sounded like a subtle protest against the controversial movie "The Da Vinci Code" with some Christian references.

(Text in blockquote and italics are taken from the article itself.)

(The article "A super dilemma")

"Take for instance this upcoming movie, which is fiction masquerading as fact, about a baby from a faraway place who comes to earth, and grows up possessing supernatural powers that he uses to save the world. Yes, of course, I am talking about the new Superman movie, Superman Returns. I think we should ban this movie. At the very least, try to get an NC16 rating for it."
The Da Vinci Code movie was said by some Christians to be one that hides under the guise of fact when it's purely fictitious.

"Superman Returns" was given a rating of "G". However, "The Da Vinci Code" was given an "NC16".

"You may think we are over-reacting. You may be thinking, please lah, the truth about man not being able to fly unassisted has survived thousands of years. Many have tried to prove otherwise, but failed."
This was the arguement - an over-reaction - that many supporters of the movie gave in view of criticisms from the Christian community.

"some people were martyred and fed to lions in order to force them to renounce their belief"
This was true for early Christians who were fed to the lions in colosseums because of their steadfastness in their faith. It was a form of entertainment for the Romans then.

"So, I have taken the liberty of organising a Parents Against Superman Teaching Obscene Reasoning. Together we can lobby the authorities to ban all things that go against our beliefs."
The acronym for "Parents Against Superman Teaching Obscene Reasoning" is "PASTOR". Coincidence? According to
  1. A Christian minister or priest having spiritual charge over a congregation or other group.
  2. A layperson having spiritual charge over a person or group.
  3. A shepherd.

"But I tell you, when an unsuspecting person who knows little about science reads this comic and watches this movie, he will be more likely to believe the falsehoods there. Before you know it, he will start believing"
This is the danger that many churches fear. That people may have a wrong understanding of what Chrisitianity is.

"“But if people watch the Superman movie, maybe they will get interested in science and ask questions and actually investigate the theories of flight and other fascinating aspects of physics?” you ask. We cannot risk this. They may get brainwashed!"
This is a rebuttal to the statement made by Tom Hanks. Read the article (above in blockquote), then read what Tom Hanks said below. Do you see a connection?

(Picture taken from article, "What's all the FUSS?", TODAY 19th May 2006)

"“But I heard some people say the movie and even the book is not very good to begin with. Won’t your actions just make them look credible?” Surely not. I think it will make them look even more untrue, and then people will stop reading this trash and believing silly things."
A refutation to what Reverend Dr Gordon Wong had said:

(Picture taken from article, "What's all the FUSS?", TODAY 19th May 2006)

There are "noises" to make the main movie of the article "Superman Returns".

Examples are:
1. "burn any blankets or towels that can be used as a cape"
2. "Yes, of course, I am talking about the new Superman movie, Superman Returns"
3. "confiscating all the red underwear"
4. and many others.

In all, the whole article seems to be one that subtly calls for a ban on the controversial movie behind the mask of "Clark Kent and Lois Lane". If this article's purpose was really one related to the controversial movie, I must say that it's a very good article with its own "twists and turns".

Kudos to Mr Brown for this article! I am not referring to Dan Brown, but to Mr Brown a.k.a. Lee Kin Mun.

Am I being overly sensitive to a simple article that talks about a red-caped hero? You be the judge.

(Note: Article taken from TODAY. This blog post is just my own viewpoint on the article by Mr Brown. Original file is in pdf format and can be downloaded from here under 19th May's issue.)

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When I was a child, I was influenced a lot by cartoons and superheroes. Superman was my favorite.

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