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Monday, May 08, 2006

Week's Wick

Starting from this week onwards, I am planning to start a "Week's Wick". It will consist of some thoughts or questions that I may come across during the week.

Why a "Week's Wick"? Well, some memes are named with a certain day like "Monday Something" or "Tuesday Something". Being so, it needs to be posted on that particular day of the week, else it defeats the purpose of naming the meme with a certain day. I find it very hard to stick to as I may be busy and not be able to blog on that day.

Solution? I decided on a "week". 7 days should be enough time to do a meme post in your blog. The Sunday break or the Thursday early school dismissal can be used for a meme post. Also, 7 days should be enough for ideas and inspiration to come about.

As for "wick", it speaks of a candle's wick. This imagery is used as candles used to be the light source for people to write. Through writing (today we blog), they tell others of the ideas (meme for us) that they have. As they influence others through their writing, so does memes today influence bloggers.

"Week's Wick" consists of 1 to 7 sentences in a paragraph. The paragraph can be anything from a poem to an inspiring story. Remember that the limit is 7 or less sentences.

For me, I would start with questions with 7 or less sentences.

Feel free to participate in this meme and spread the picture below around so that others like you can join in the fun! Enjoy :D

Week's Wick

"If there's no "I" in teamwork, why should I work?"

For information on what a "Meme" is, you can click here.

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