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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Steph's Blog

My blog was reviewed by a kind soul from BloggyAward who took the effort to read through my blog and gave a very nice review.

There are 5 categories they judge on. I did good on some and bad on some. The scores are all upon 10. They are:

Visual Aesthetics - 5
User Friendliness - 6
Reading Enjoyment - 8
Useful Info - 7
Overall Experience - 7

This was what they have to say on "Overall Experience".
Interesting and full of fresh material, this young man tackles his daily intersts with such thought and gusto ( always with links), his blog crosses over from being a typical teen read, to one with somewhat more substance (albeit humorous). If not for anything else, those in need of a good chuckle should definitely swing by Steph’s.
Do you agree? Hopefully yes :D

You can click here to read a detailed review of my blog and please leave some comments while you are at it.

You can also submit your blog for a constructive review at their main page.

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