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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Okay, my friends have been calling me "Nini" for quite some time now. They got it from the last syllable of "Stephanie" which is "nie". My name is Stephen, but being friends, they like to make fun of my name, and so they use the feminine version of it. It's nice to know that you have friends who are concerned about your name's feminine side. I won't say that I am pleased with it, but I know that it's all in the name of "friendship and fun" and "I-want-to-irritate-you".

Anyway, I checked it out at Urban Dictionary and guess what, by their definition, I am "the pressiest most hottest girl". Now, that's sad because I am a guy. No, I don't wish to be a girl or anything like that. I am happy being myself.

Here are the definitions for "Nini":

1. the pressiest most hottest girl

2. Nini derives from 'night, night' when saying goodbye to someone online. First used in 2002 by my cousin Sam.

a. someone, a girl for that matter, who's CLEARLY unable of using the supperlative correctly and therefore embarrases herself by grammatically marring what is obviously a downright LIE.

b. a whimpering resentful wench.

c. another name for mares.

4. a newbie/too young boy(age)without knowledge on sth ...usually it's used to bring sb down..

5. wimp, mommas boy

When I check for "Stephen" (my real name), there was no result for it. The next nearest word was "Stephen a". I decided to check it out. According to their definition, "Stephen a" is: "He is totally cute! Smart, adorable, witty!". An interesting definition for a weird word. In view of this, I would prefer "stephen a" than "nini".

I went on to check for my friend's nick "Benji" whose name is Benjamin. You can check the result by clicking here. I am not posting it as the list is long and there's a certain definition that may not be suitable for young readers.

Go on, you can try looking for the "definitions" of your nicks, I can tell you that you will find some weird and totally unexpected "definitions".

Have fun :D

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