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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Church Service

Today's Mother's Day service was the best one I had so far.

After service, the choir and children stood in front and sang a song dedicated to mothers in the Church (I was in the choir). The song was about a mother's prayer for a child. It was slow and sentimental. As the choir sang the song, I could hear sobs from the audience. Most of them were mothers themselves. My mother was also one of them who sobbed. Her face was red and I could see tears streaming down. The whole scene was very touching - children singing a song dedicated to their mothers. Aw...

After the first verse of the song, more sobs were heard. This time, the sobs were from the choir itself! Oh my. I looked around and true enough, some of the choir members were sobbing. You can imagine what kind of sound we produced. It's like someone sobbing and trying to sing at the same time. Most of them were females. I guess the song's sentimental tune struck a chord with females there.

After the chorus, the choir members went out to the congregation and gave flowers and gifts to their mothers. Some of them hugged each other and cried while others shook hands. It was then did I realise that Mother's Day can be a sentimental thing among females. Even those who were not mothers were there sobbing. When asked as to why they cried, they said that it reminded them of their mothers even if they were not there. Mothers whose child were not there were also given gifts by some of us as they are still mothers in someone's hearts. After the giving of gifts and flowers, we all returned back to the front and continued singing (some continued to sob).

It was so sentimental and touching. I almost cried seeing how everyone cried. Shucks...I guess I am a sentimental guy.

These are the gifts my mother received.

By the way, this rose was the first rose I have ever given to a lady. That lady is my mother and the day is Mother's Day, 14th May 2006 :)

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Anonymous Tynee said...

that's so sweet!*
wish my mom was with me so i could spoil her silly too... ^_^;

8:57 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks :)

Well, everyday can be Mother's Day as long as children treat their mothers well.

6:21 PM, May 16, 2006  

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