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Saturday, May 13, 2006

When "I Love You" Has Lost Its Meaning

The Straits Times on 9th May 2006, reported in the "Home" section that "Most teens say no to pre-marital sex". They reported that "95% of under-16s opt for abstinence". This portrays a totally different image of Singaporean teens than the "Tammy Saga".

There are a lot of stuff and info that can be found in that article (I can't provide the link to the report as The Straits Times requires payment to read it). However, the thing that really hit me was this:

The phrase "I really really love you", is used as one of the ways that boys use to get girls into bed.

Now this is very sad. "I Love You" has been cheapened to a tool for selfish gains. It is no longer the expression of love where an individual expresses his/her feelings for the other. With such inappropriate usage of those three words, its true meaning becomes misunderstood.

Imagine if your daughter goes with a man who says to her "I Love You" because he wants to bed with her. How would you feel? Sad? Happy?

Imagine if your daughter goes with a man who says to her "I Love You" because he wants to be there for her for the rest of his life. How would you feel? Happy? Sad?

Those words are said between two people who are emotionally attached to each other; between people who cared the other more than themselves; between couples who have decided to grow old and spend all of life's ups and downs with. It is said when a couple is TRULY in love. To use it for a selfish gain simply pales in comparison when you consider its true meaning.

So please, don't use "I Love You" just for some selfish reasons when it should be used when you really love that person and you mean it with your heart.

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