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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Singlish / Hokkien Flash On The Da Vinci Code Movie

Lol...found this from Tomorrow.

It's a flash cartoon that dispels the untrue messages that come from the movie. It was made by Singapore Youth For Christ, to educate the public on the errors of the movie. I must say that it was entertaining. The Hokkien and Singlish flavour allows Singaporeans to identify with it, since it's the language and culture that we grow up in. It's a short movie, around 1 minute or so, but nevertheless it's still informative. The short song in the end sums it all up.

So tan simi? There's the Hokkien and Singlish flavour for you to try somemore leh! So go lah, wait wait for what? Must see one! Don't see also must see! If not you rugi!

Click here for the flash cartoon.

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