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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Singapore Idol - Last 5 Contestants

Singapore Idol is left with 5 contestants. Hady Mirza, Jonathan Leong, Paul Twohill, Jasmine Tye and Joakim Gomez. Who will be eliminated? Who will be the next Singapore Idol? It's hard to say.

If I can choose, I will choose Hady Mirza because he's good. Yet if you are good all the time, it's hard to impress the masses the next time round like what Ken said. We'll see how the whole thing develops.

Jonathan is good mainly because of his low and deep voice - something some people find nice.

Paul, he still covers his eyes every now and then. Eyes are important where the singer connects with the audience. You shut that and you end up building a barricade between you and the audience.

Jasmine is the girl-next-door kind of person. She's bubbly and nice. Song wise I would say okay.

Joakim has the looks. I would feel that he has much more of looks than songs. I sort of sympathise with him as he's receiving quite a lot of pressure from the public. People hate you and want you to be out. How sad that is.

Who would be eliminated? I would say Paul. I am not against him nor for him but he seems tensed, lost and sick. He seems to have lost his energy and his performances are kinda like a graph with a negative gradient. This will happen only if Joakim's large pool of fans continue to vote for him. Singapore Idol seems to be like an are-you-popular contest. I guess after all, it's a popularity contest ain't it where the masses vote for the contestants.

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Anonymous jerine said...

somehow i feel sick of these talent shows. there are too many out there.

2:33 AM, August 31, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

True. I don't follow it as much as I used to. It has somehow lost its zing.

9:29 PM, August 31, 2006  
Blogger SABRINA said...

I am sick of it too.
Mediacorp is just making use of these programmes to earn money,
or at least i think so.
Btw, when i first saw your blog,
I really thought your name was STEPHANIE o.O
Anyways, care to exchange links?
I linked you already. (:

5:26 PM, September 01, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Yes, it's all just a money-making opportunity. I don't think they'll really care if someone who can't sing ends up as the Singapore Idol. are not the first one. That's why I stated there in the "About Me" section to clear this misunderstanding some people may have.

Oh yah, I've linked you already :)

10:24 PM, September 01, 2006  

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