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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interesting Happenings In UC Berkeley

It's been a long time since I've last blogged. A lot of interesting things happened.

1. It's Chinatown in Berkeley
Session A was over and now Session D starts. Guess what...there are a lot of chinese people in where I am staying...whoa...there are like Koreans, Taiwanese and those from China. Then there's another thing...there are so many girls at my level. It's a contrast to a few weeks before where there were many more guys instead of girls. Then one more thing I noticed is that the people here study hard loh. There was once I was studying and doing my homework late into the night. Late = around 1am and guess what I saw? I saw so many people studying!'s like only the first day of school for them and they were all like in the study room studying. Power man! Never see before.

2. A co-ed bathroom
If you didn't know yet, the floor I am in has a common toilet (by the way, the people here call it "washroom" instead of "toilet"). Both guys and girls share the same toilet. Inside the toilet there are 3 cubicles and 4 shower cubicles.

I noticed a few things here. The amount of stuff girls bring into the toilet is definitely many more than guys. There was once there was this girl that brought in a basket of stuff. Then another time I saw this girl bringing in a plastic bag full of stuff. I didn't know you could shop in the toilet.

Oh yeah. Girls spend more time over the sink than guys. Once I saw my friend (a girl) in the toilet at the sink so I greeted her and we chat for awhile (like talk about how was class...etc) then after that I went into the shower cubicle and took a bath. After my bath, I went out of the cubicle and my friend was still there washing her face! Wow...nothing to say. It can only mean 2 things. One, I bath super fast that she has no time to wash her face. Or she took a long time to wash her face. Then I took a closer look at the area around the sink she was using. Lo and behold...there were bottles, tubes and containers of some sort. Now I understand why girls spend so much time in the toilet.

Then there was this case where I was bathing and suddenly a girl knocked on my door. I was shocked!

Girl: Excuse me.

From her voice I could tell that she was Chinese.

Me: *too stunned to say anything*

What is she doing?

Girl: Excuse me...
Me: Yeah?
Girl: I left my key in the shower room. Can you pass it to me?

Eh? Like that also got.

I looked around and true enough I saw a key. However, before handing the key to her, I must do security check.

Me: What's your room number?
Girl: It's ???.

I looked at the key...true enough the number matched. And so I did something I've never ever done before in my life...I passed the key over the door to the girl.

Girl: Thank you.
Me: You are welcome.

After that short encounter, I realized I had to blog about this and continued to bath. Weird man...weird...

3. Studies and exams
I am not sure if it's representative of the students here but somehow, the number of students in my class attending lecture is decreasing lecture after lecture. I don't know maybe they are too smart for lectures.

I just had my Midterm. It was on Monday afternoon. It had 4 questions and it was a 3-hour long paper. Guess how long I took to finish it? I took around 20 minutes. How come so fast? Simple...NTU students are smart.

Anyway, after finishing the paper, I didn't submit it immediately, instead I checked through it. Thankfully I noticed an error I had made and changed it. In the end, I submitted my paper 30 minutes before the end. I discussed my answer with my friend. Our answers agreed until the last part. I must admit that the last question was wonder our answers differed. She presented her logic as to why her answer was right. Somehow, I agreed with her...shucks...if she's right, then I am wrong. I just hoped for the best.

The result of the Midterm came out on Wednesday afternoon...pretty fast I must say.

Oh yeah, here in UC Berkeley, they have something similar to's called bspace.

And so I went to bspace and checked my result. It's the same feeling you get when you go to StudentLink to check for your exam results...I clicked on the button...and...and I saw...

My marks.

I was stunned. I did pretty well. I am pleasantly surprised. I guess studying in Berkeley isn't that hard after all. All you need is hard work (e.g. sleeping late into the night studying and not partying). Or maybe the class I am taking is easy. For your information I am taking EE100: Electronic Techniques for Engineering

My friends all did pretty well too with 90+ marks. It's scary knowing how smart the people here are.

4. Workers on strike
This week started out with workers from the campus out on strike. Early in the morning, I could see the workers walking around chanting slogans with signboards asking for better pay and working conditions. It's pretty interesting as I've never seen a live one before.

I don't think you'll ever get to see such a thing in Singapore.

However, when the workers go on strike, things start to happen. The food over at our canteen started to go from "nice" to "so-so". No one cleaned the toilets in our halls and so it has a certain smell to it.

That's what you get when workers go on strike.

So that's about it for now...I need to go and sleep liao.

Time: 10.38pm, 18th July 08 (Friday)

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