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Friday, March 18, 2005


The PES E ppl just graduated today. They don't have POP (Passing Out Parade). Instead, the have POC (Passing Out Ceremony). All I can say is that THEY ARE SUPER SLACK!!

An average day of a PES E chao-keng....
(I know some are really genuine...but somehow PES E is associated with chao-kengness)

Hey name is M C Ong (MC King). I am so happy that I am in PES E. I got PES E as I have hearing problems (due to excessive exposure to loud music), knee pains (run too much and I will get tired already) and finally,

5.00 am : Wake-up from bed. Drag my feet to the toilet to brush my teeth...then realised that I forgot to bring my toothpaste. Dragged my feet back to bunk again.

5.45 am : Fall-in with cthe others. Seem small as there are only two platoons with three sections each. Total of 73 pai-kha-pai-chiu recruits.

6.00 am : Went for breakfast. Can feel that we are looked down on as we eat. The stares that we receive from other recruits...haiz...

6.30 am : Walked back to camp...can see that Sgnt S was quite unhappy. Imagine 73 ppl marching like old folks...sure was unsightly. After reaching my bunk, we all slacked till 10...

10.00 am : Went for lecture on how to be a clerk. What kind of lecture is that? Said that as a clerk you will do a lot of paper work for the company (duh!). Then the rest of the't remember already. Only remembered waking up after my buddy gave me a jerk.

12.00 pm : Went for lunch after the lecture and marched...I mean walked back to bunk. We had talking sessions and played games with one another. Sure was super slack!

3.00 pm : Another lecture on how to be a BETTER clerk. What kind of lousy talk is that? But at least I am not out in the field chionging all around. Here got nice air-con...comfortable chairs...and...zzzzz

6.00 pm : Went for dinner. This time, dinner was nice. We had Western meal for dinner today. I managed to kup (take) more fish fillet from the uncle.

7.00 pm : Had CRO. Yay!! Tomorrow is POC already. We will also receive our postings tomorrow. So exciting! Wow...5 days pass by so fast. I am sure gonna miss my days as a PES E recruit.

Not only do they get to slack...they also don't have any "half-left downs" (punishments). Neither are they scolded like the PES B recruits. There is even one PES E guy who only spent two days in camp!! What a joke! He went in during Enlistment Day. Then on the next day, he was sent to hospital for some mental issue (no wonder he's in PES E). He stayed until the day he POC. I am truly speechless. His case is a genuine one from what I can see. Saw him today and felt sorry for him. At least he won't be going to Tekong anymore.

NOTE: I don't look down on the PES E ppl even though they have a better life than us. Most of the times, they are looked down on and not very popular. But after staying with them...I find that they are actually quite sad...having disabilities such as chronic join pain, mental instability and super-sensitive skin (the type where you just put them under the sun for 15 minutes and they'll get a fever).

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