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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I was not feeling well on the 30th of May, Monday. However, I continued on with the program we had for the day. The program consists of a run through of the SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) in clean fatigue (This consists of our long four and rifle only). After that we had our IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) re-test.

At the end of it all, it was already about 1945. It was then that I found that I had a fever of 37.9. My platoon mate, Jun Yuan, also had a fever of 38.1. So we decided to report sick. By the time we reached the Medical Centre, it was already around 2045.

After seeing the doctor, we waited for our medication and status slip. This was when the problem occured. We waited for almost three hours before our status slip was passed to us. Furthermore, our status slip was a MC (Medical Certificate) for 2 days (300505-310505). However, the medic there told us that we could not go back home to rest as the last fastcraft had already gone! (Our camp is in an island so we need a fastcraft to go back to the mainland). My platoon mate and me were frustrated! There was only 3 patients in the centre, including the two of us, and 8 to 10 medics! They didn't even know that we had seen the doctor or whether we had our medication and status slip already. And mind you, we were both having a fever! That made the three hours in the centre very long.

In the end, the two of us slept in another bunk so as not to infect the others as they have the SOC test the next day.

I could not sleep the whole night because of the fever. I tossed and turned...tossed and turned...and still could not sleep.


The next day the two of us book-out to rest at home. We checked our temperature again. My friend got 39.5 while I had 39.0. It was then that I realised that I had some serious infection.

Upon reaching home, I slept immediately as I was very tired. When I woke up, I checked my temperature and to my surprise, it was 39.7!! My parents decided to take me to NUH (National University Hospital). When we reached there, I was immediately confined to a small room.

The doctor asked if I had gone overseas. Probably she wanted to know whether I got bird flu from China or some other stuff. I told her the only "overseas" place that I went was Tekong, the island where I had my military training. She just kept quiet.

What followed was an extraction of my blood for tests and a chest X-ray done.

After everything was over, which lasted for around 3 hours, I was sent back home. I had MC for 3 days. So if my fever does not return, I will go back to camp on this Friday (030605).

I hope that my platoon mate is doing fine.

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