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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Singlish Poem

I used to be in NJ,
A place where 03S21 was.
However, I am now in NS,
A place where all the Sergeants are.


I used to be in the Symphonic Band,
where all we did was practice and play.
However, I am now in NS,
where all I did is scrubbing kennels and drains.


My guy-friends are all in NS,
where we experience a spectrum of tekan-ing.
My girl-friends are all in Uni,
where they experience a spectrum of mugging.


So what do we do after NS?
Well the path would be different for different individuals.
Some may proceed on to Uni while others may want to work and a few choose to start a family.


As for me...
It's the Uni route that I will take.

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