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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here Comes The Pain

While waiting for my teeth to be extracted, I tried to comfort myself by thinking that it will all be over soon.

When my name was called, I got ready and went to this room to change into some blue attire. Then they told me to sit down on some chair. They covered my face, saying that it's to protect my eyes from the light. But I think they just don't want me to see how gory the whole process thing is.

Anyway, I felt about 8 jabs in my mouth. The jabs are to numb my mouth. After about a few minutes, my mouth became numb.

And that's where the whole thing starts...

I felt something sharp poking around the wisdom tooth area. The came the drill. The drill came and I could feel that the dentist was using a lot of pressure on my tooth. He was literally pressing the drill thingy down on my tooth. Thank God they covered my eyes or I might have fainted. Then came some plier-like-thingy. He used it to yank my tooth out. My does it hurt. Then came the second tooth. The second tooth was much less horrifying as it came out with ease.

After that they told me that I should expect some pain (actually it's not some but A LOT OF IT) and some swelling to occur.

Now I am at home. Tried to sleep but can't due to the pain (the after-effects I guess). Drinking and eating become so hard. It's like part of your mouth is dead (due to the numbness). So when I try to drink, water will come out of the numbed part of my mouth, as if the part is dead. Then when I look at the mirror, I realise that the numbed part is lower than the normal one. I guess the nerves and muscles are asleep for the time being. Hopefully it's not permanent or people can't tell whether I am smiling or frowning. As for eating, it's not easy either, you can't really chew the food as your teeth hurts. Thankfully it's porridge. So I simply swallowed my food to avoid any pain.

I wanted to post pictures of my teeth but my father is drying my teeth at the balcony so as to kill off the germs that might want to grow on it.

I will post the photo after it is dry and sterile.

Hopefully no complications will arise out of this whole extraction thingy.


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