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Saturday, October 15, 2005

NJC Open House

Inilah maktab bangaan kita...

Those were the days when I used to sing the song and play with the Symphonic Band the national anthem and school songs...

As I entered the side gate...the familiar red track seems I was excited that I am coming back to NJ after a long time. I could see my batch of Percussion friends and my juniors. Sadly, I could not get to see some of them.

Anyway, there's a way major change in NJ since I left. First, the toilets at the canteen has been relocated and renovated. It's renovated to a Plaza Singapura kind of toilet huh? Also, the place-where-we-place-our-bags-when-we-go-for-PE has been renovated too. The floor is tiled! It seems like a make-over.

Then I stepped into the bandroom...saw my section juniors. Three of them. One of them approached me and asked me:

Junior: Hi, are you our senior?
Me: Yah. I am your senior's senior.
Junior: Oh ok.

Then I wandered around...looking at the scores...looking at the new drumsticks that they have.

The band was having some kind of individual warm-up at that time. So I thought, "Why don't I impart some knowledge of playing the drums to my juniors' junior?" What followed was a series of tutorials. She was very eager in learning which is good. She's also a fast learner which is also good.

Me: Where's the rest of the juniors?
Junior: Some went for ushering.
Me: Oh ok.

Then the Student Conductor proceeded on to conduct the band. Before he started, he asked me...

Student Conductor: Hi, welcome to the band. This is the band (waving his hands around). Make yourself comfortable.
Me: (I just smiled)
My Junior: Erm...he's not here to join band. He is our SENIOR.
Me: (I just smiled)
Student Conductor: Eh? Oh sorry (followed by a bow). Well at least it's good to know that you look young.
Me: (I just smiled)

Lol...I couldn't help but laugh. The whole band also laughed. I guess I was the first senior to arrive. Hence they mistook me for some new guy. Anyway, that was not the worse of it all. This conversation happened before I left.

Junior 1: Hey, you know something?
Junior 2: What?
Junior 1: Well, when I first saw him I tought he's some IP (Integrated Programme) kid wanting to join us. But later on did I realise that he's our senior.
Junior 1 and 2: HAHA.
Me: (I just smiled)

People think that I am a Sec 3 kid!? Lol...I am serving NS now loh.

Anyway, I took a section photo with them.

Sadly, it's not a complete photo.

Then here's some pictures of them performing for some NJ-to-bes.

Percussion Section

Percussion Section

Woodwind section

Percussion section

Brass section

Well that sums it up for my day at NJC...feels good to be back in


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