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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Aphabets...NS Style

A --- Admin time

Our favourite time of the day. It's the only time when recruits are able to do their own things.

B --- Book-out day

Our favourite day as it's the day where recruits get off from Tekong Island.

C --- Chao recruit

A term used by the sergeants to call those who are botak.

D --- Doze off

Something recruits do during lectures in the lecture room or outfield.

E --- Early in the morning run

A line of a song recruits sing during morning jogs.

F --- Fall-in

A term used to rush recruits down to assemble themselves neatly in rows of three.

G --- Guard duty

Something feared by recruits and even the sergeants.

H --- HQ

Where recruits wish to be posted to.

I --- IPPT

A fitness test conducted daily to test a recruit's physical fitness level.

J --- Jogging in the morning

Part of the 5 BX.

K --- Keng

A hokkien word which means to skive.

L --- Lights-out

The time when all recruits are expected to drop dead on their beds.

M --- MC

A wonderful slip of paper that gives recruits a short sense of euphoria when they receive it.

N --- Nights-out

Similar to book-out but less effective.

O --- Off-pass

Similar to MC but less powerful.

P --- POP

The day recruits graduate from Basic Military Training (BMT).
"Presenting to you the training soldiers"

Q --- QM

Someone we look for to find stores.

R --- Recruit

The main characters in Tekong.

S --- Standby bed

A time when your bunk becomes amazingly clean.

T --- Tekan session

A time when the sergeants or Platoon Commanders (PCs) become nasty.

U --- Urine test

Conducted daily to test for drugs.

V --- Vitamins

Some recruits eat this to help them through the 2 or 3 months in BMT.

W --- Wayang

A malay word used to mean acting in front of superiors.

X --- Xcuse heavy load or boots or uniform...etc

Similar to MC but less effective.

Y --- Yao suan bei tong

A chinese idiom used to convey what recruits feel after one day of xiong training.

Z --- Zzz

What else can I say? It's time to sleep.

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