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Saturday, October 01, 2005

At NUS...

Today, I've spent most of time at NUS (National University of Singapore).

First, I went to IMRE (Institute of Materials Research Engineering) for a write-up in IMRE's newsletter, Perspective.

Upon reaching the building, there were many posters talking about the various projects done by many other different researchers at the various institutes. After looking around and looking as if I understood every single word on the posters, my friend finally came. Both of us were meeting our mentor, Dr Nikolai Yakovlev.

When we met him, we caught up with old times and found out how the other was doing. He's still the same person I knew. Friendly and helpful. I was fortunate to have him as my mentor. We took a few pictures here and there with our decent photographic skills.

After a few pictures or so, he gave us some advice on the choice of universities. He said that US is not a good place as compared to Europe or UK. Reason being US is not a safe place as people there are allowed to own guns. So you may be studying Quantum Theory in one moment and the next you may be running for your life. Second is that UK has a better education according to him. He also cited that certain great men came from UK and Europe. They are Niels Bohr, (someone he mentioned but I can't remember), (someone he mentioned but I can't remember) and (someone he mentioned but I can't remember). Upon knowing that I was going to NTU, he said that it was a good choice as I am supporting Singapore's

Anyway, after the photo-taking session, I met up with my NJC classmate, Eemin. While waiting for her, I was at the Central Library block browsing through the books. I went to the book shop at the first floor. Found some good books but they were very expensive. Now I know why education is an expensive thing.

After about 20 to 25 minutes, she came. Haha...she's still the same person I know. Talked about NUS and 03S21. We went to eat at "Techno Edge", which is just a nice name for "Kopitiam". I tried the chicken chop there which cost $2.20. It was reasonably nice. I met her friend Crystal (Or is it Krystal?) while eating. She's from the same Faculty as her. From the both of them, I gather that University life is not as easy as JC (Junior College). Scary huh? After eating, they went for their exam and I went home.

Quite an interesting day I should say.


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