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Monday, October 24, 2005

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Haiz...feeling kind of scared and nervous for tomorrow's the day when two of my wisdom teeth will be extracted.

I heard many things from friends and relatives. They said that it's a terribly painful process. The extraction itself may not be that painful, but it's the after-effects that's the main problem. After the numbness is gone, the pain comes. The gums may swell and you may have a fever due.

What dentists do is that they will cut your gums (you didn't read wrongly) and expose the wisdom teeth such that it will be easier for them to extract. If you have been taking care of your teeth very well (meaning that your teeth are healthy), they will jerk your teeth out of your mouth. I know of some cases where people don't really brush their wisdom teeth, causing it to decay. This makes the dentist's job more easier as less force is needed to pull it out.

Anyway, can you imagine you opening your mouth as the dentist starts to tug and pull at some place at your mouth which you can't really tell as you have been numbed.

Oh the pain...oh the trauma...oh the insert-some-word-here.

It's not a perfectly safe procedure as there may be a 5% chance that the nerves may be damaged. And if it is so, it may be either temporal or permanent. If it's damage, the affected part of your mouth will be numbed. Imagine not being able to feel a thing at your mouth. Pizza will taste no different from Gardenia.

Hopefully everything will go well for tomorrow's surgery.


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