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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Disabled Children

I once saw this short documentary which featured the lives of the disabled children.

The show featured Jeremy Lim.

His story really touched my heart.

He was born with a rare condition known as Osteogensis Imperfecta. What it means is that his bones are broken easily. A sneeze or a cough will result in some sort of fracture. That's how weak his bones are.

He even felt bad when his mother had to carry him from place to place. At times, his mother accidentally dropped him. Having brittle bones, he suffered fractures here and there. But he only smiled at his mother. His mother cried.

His optimism is shown in these statements:

"Over time, I have come to realise that breaking a bone isn't all that bad. I can always take advantage of the adversity. When I broke my right arm, I learnt to write with my left. When I fractured my left arm, I learnt to write with my right. Now, I am ambidextrous."

"I realise that I cannot change the situation but I can control the way I react to it. Pain is inevitable but misery is optional. I can choose to moan and groan or to look at it in a more positive light. After all, when you look at the bright side, there will be no dark shadow in sight."

Through his positive outlook in life, super-supportive family and his personal beliefs, he has become a role model for many to follow. From a low-esteemed person to the NKF Children'’s Medical Fund Ambassador, Jeremy has gone through a lot to reach where he is now.

He wants to be a genetic engineer so that he may one day find a cure or a treatment to help people like him.

A young man, but mature in many ways. Jeremy has really made me think...

Life is but a journey everyone goes through.
Whether you've enjoyed it or not depends on through what eyes you see life in.
Optimism is the eyes that has helped Jeremy.
It may help me too.

I have a perfectly working body without any form of sickness or ailments.
I should be thankful for it.
Being able to read this post and's all a gift from Him.
But at times, we are just to busy to really appreciate a fully functional body.
Seeing all the disabled living life so optimistically really makes me think:

"If they can enjoy life despite their condition, why am I so depressed or stressed out even though I am much more healthier than them?"

If there's one thing I have learnt, that is to be more optimistic in life.
Despite what may happen, it's how you look at it that determines the result.

Through the documentary on disabled children, I am really touched by their strong will to live and prove themselves as abled people through their personality. At times I am ashamed at myself for looking at life through such narrow-mindedness when these people are able to see life optimistically.

Visit his site to know more about him.


(This post does not mean to insult the disabled in any way. Instead the purpose of it is to show how strong the disabled people are actually and bring out points for everyone to learn from.)

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