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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just Thinking Through...

I am going to work tomorrow. Hopefully the pain from my wisdom teeth surgery won't be much of a nuisance.

I am thankful for my family who have been especially helpful in helping me in my recovery. My father diligently cook for me porridge early in the morning. My mum bought and made fruit juice with my father's help. My brother helped me with the household chores (eg. washing of plates, hanging clothes...etc). Even though it still hurts now, but I am still grateful and thankful for the support my family has shown during my period of recovery.

So how was the day today?

Well, played the drum in Church. Songs were ok. Sermon was a bit hard to digest because of the pain from the surgery. The sermon's title was on "Justification by Faith", a topic Martin Luther talked about long ago that brought about the Protestant movement.

After the sermon, I was asked to announce some announcements because the one who normally does it is not around. It was my first time doing it and the hard part was...I must use Bahasa Indonesia in the announcement. The congregation laughed. The reason I guess was that they didn't expect me to speak in Bahasa. Some don't even know that I could speak

Then I went back home and watched "Blast From The Past" on Channel 5. The first thing that came to my mind was my A Level Project Work. The show was about this country boy, Adam, who went to the city to help his family in some stuff (forgot what was it). There he met "Eve", a city girl. Then the show goes on by showing how Adam and Eve go about in their relationship. The part I like most was the part where this guy (the one with a sun tattoo on his forehead) mistook Adam's whole family for some kind of gods. It was funny man.

Anyway, what made me ponder after the whole show was that deep inside a girl, she looks for a guy like Adam. Adam here equals to someone who is gentlemanly, honest, polite...etc (you'll understand better if you've watched the show). Is it really true? I am not sure. But it is every girl's dream to find the "perfect man" or "close-to-perfect man". Who doesn't want a wonderful spouse? As for Adam...well...he chose Eve, despite her questionable background. I guess it's love.

Lol...this whole thing really sets me to think, "I am still single. Anomaly or normal?" Lol...what can I say? I guess I am just not popular with the girls. I even asked my father regarding this. And he said, "The time will come...just wait. Patience is a virtue you know. And I am sure that your girlfriend will like someone who is patient." And I replied, "...".

I've posted an article concerning this quite some time and you can find it here. It's titled the Prayer. What better way than to trust your marriage into the hands of the Lord?

The time will come :)

As for now, I will finish my NS before concentrating on my studies. I hope I can go all the way to a PhD in Material Engineering :D


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