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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Door To Door Selling

Have you ever encountered such a situation?

Someone knocks on your door/rings the doorbell, you open the door to see someone selling ice-cream, Yakult drinks, textbooks, cards, encyclopedias...etc.

Well, something similar just happened.

My brother opened the door to see a secondary school girl selling ice-cream.

"Do you want to buy an ice-cream?"
"Wait, let me check with my family."
Goes to the kitchen where my father and I were.
"Your want to buy ice-cream?"
"Nah. Just say don't want."
Goes to the door.
"Sorry but we don't need your ice-cream."
"But I need to sell these ice-creams to buy textbooks for next year's school year."
Goes to the kitchen.
"She needs the money from selling ice-cream to buy books."
"Aiyah, ok lah. Since she say until like that. Buy two then."
Goes to the door.
"I would like to have two."
"That would be $24."
Goes to the kitchen.
"It's one for $12."
"Wah...what kind of ice-cream is that? In that case, buy one."
Goes to the door.
"In that case I will buy one."
"Okay. Thank you."

My brother brought the ice-cream to the kitchen. I was wondering what kind of ice-cream would sell for $12.

After looking at it, I was disappointed. It was just a block of ice-cream made in Malaysia with a few wafers to go with it.

It's strawberry flavoured and melting.


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Blogger Wonko the Sad Clown said...

He could have just said no

5:33 AM, November 16, 2005  
Blogger Steph said...

He did say no.

But she continued on by saying that she has no money to pay for her school books.

My father then asked my brother to give the money as financial help and not for the ice-cream.

6:54 PM, November 16, 2005  
Blogger famimahat said...

What kind of salesman is that, huhu~

it's not a good persuading technique i think.

the best way to get your customer buy your things, when they rejected u at first, is simply "create" the market at their mind.

seller: ice cream miss?
customer: hm, no thank you~
seller; maybe you dont like it, but i bet your brother/sister at the house like it. are u sure you dont want this chocolate ice cream?
customer: really? ok, give me two then~

at least, this might be persuasion too. but i dont like to use it too much when i'm selling the food :P

seller: ice cream miss?
customer: hm, no thank you~
seller; it's low fat chocolate icecream, and it's good 4 a lady like u, really~ (it's here, the seller create the market opportunity)
customer: really? ok, give me two then~

just my 2 cents :P

12:53 PM, August 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had a boy asking me to buy ice-cream at 16 SGD per block. It's for cutting back community service hours for his probation. Don't know if I should feel sad or angry. Sigh.

9:53 PM, August 13, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is all Malaysian's childhood memories. It is so hard to get one in Malaysia nowadays. :( If i was in your situation. I will just buy as much as I can.

4:04 PM, September 14, 2017  

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