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Monday, November 14, 2005

Wedding Dinner

Yesterday I went to Mandarin Hotel (the one near Suntec City) for my cousin's wedding dinner.

The bride and groom looked charming. Their parents welcomed the guests there. I went with my family. Everything was nice, especially the FOOD!!

The menu goes like this:

1. Suckling Pig Combination
2. Braised Shark's Fin Phoenix-Style
3. Steamed Chicken with Chinese Wine and Herbs
4. Steamed "Live" Garoupa "Teochew Style"
5. Pan Fried Prawns with Quaker Oats.
6. Braised Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables
7. Smoked Tea Duck with Mini Pancake
8. Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Assorted Meat
9. Mango Sago with Ice-cream

Wow...when I saw it, I was hungry. When I ate it, I became full.

However, if there's something bad about the whole event, I would say that it would be the two emcees.

One spoke in English and the other in Chinese. First of all, they had poor coordination amongst themselves.

For example...

English: Now, let's give stand up and give a round of applause as the bride and groom walks in. (Proceeds on to clap his hands)

Chinese: I am sorry, but before we do that, let's practice on how to clap our hands. (Stops the English emcee from clapping his hands)

What a joke!

The setting was grand, the food was sumptuous, the newly weds were beautiful and handsome, and they need to have two clowns up on

No offence meant, but I believe a better emcee could be found.

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