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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Have you ever encountered such a scenario? It sounds pretty dumb but it happens.

A friend pays $0.10 for you because you borrowed a book under his account and it's overdue for one day.

Friend: You know a not, because of you I need to pay $0.10 leh.
You: Only $0.10 only wad.
Friend: But it's still money right?
You: Aiyah...ok lah. I pay you $0.10 now.
Friend: But it's different. They deduct $0.10 from my GIRO account. So how? You pay $0.10 to my GIRO arh?
You: No lah, I pay you $0.10 now. GIRO or coin it's still money right?
Friend: ...
You: Sorry, I don't have 10-cent coin with me now. Nevermind. I pay you $0.50. Now you owe me $0.40.
Friend: -_-'''

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