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Monday, January 16, 2006

Those JC Days...

My old JC (Junior College) notes are being cleared by me as my father was cleaning the house for Chinese New Year. Those notes brought back fond memories I had. The days spent in the library "mugging"; the last table in front of the prata stall where our class would sit; sitting at the stone table before assembly and many more. The friends that I got to know and the friendships forged were truly priceless.

Newman, a fellow 03S21 classmate wrote this on one of my notes:

"He's not a fool when he does not keep what he will lose and loses what he cannot keep."

Chim (Profound) huh?

Then there were these interesting puzzles I found on my Maths notes on "Contradiction":


1. During Renaissance Italy, the Bellini and Cellini families were the only casket makers. Whenever the Bellini's member fashioned a casket, he always wrote a true inscription on it, and whenever the Cellini's member fashioned a casket, he always wrote a false inscription on it.
A casket bore the following inscription:

"This casket was not made by any son of Bellini"

Who made this casket, Bellini, Cellini, a son of Bellini, or a son of Cellini?

2. The Nelsons have gone out for the evening, leaving their four children with a new babysitter, Nancy Wiggens. Among the many instructions the Nelsons gave Nancy before they left was that three of their children were consistent liars and only one of them consistently told the truth, and told her which one. But in the course of receiving so much other information, Nancy forgot which child was the one who tells the truth. As she was preparing dinner for the children, one of them broke a vase in the next room. Nancy rushed in and asked who broke the vase. These were the children's statements:

Betty: Steve broke the vase.
Steve: John broke it.
Laura: I didn't break it.
John: Steve lied when he said I broke it.

Knowing that only one of these statements was true, Nancy quickly determined which child broke the vase. Who was it?


Hopefully you find these puzzles as interesting as I did. Looks like Contradiction in Maths can be applied in our daily lives...interesting. Those were the good old JC days...

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