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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Huang Shi Yun

That's her! It must be her. The face, the nose, the eyes...everything! Especially her fair skin. I was on the bus again today one stop before my place when I saw her at the bus stop. Her name is Huang Shi Yun if I remember correctly.

So who exactly is this lady? She's one bandmate from my secondary school who managed to melt his heart. My friend's heart. His name is Thirapon.

She's Singaporean, he's Thai.
She's a clarinetist, he's a saxophonist.
She's slender, he's well-built.
She's from the best class in Sec 2, he's in my class in Sec 2.

It all started when he was sitting beside me for one of the school term (can't remember which one).

T: "She's so nice and pretty".
Me: "Who?"
T: [Smiling]
Me: "Shi Yun is it?"
T: [Shocked] "How did you know?"
Me: "Well, I must say that she's nice and pretty...but she ain't my sort."
T: [Laughing] "Why not? She's so fair and pretty...who wouldn't want to be her boyfriend?"
Me: "Well, does Shi Yun know about this?"
T: "Shhhh...don't mention her name in such a loud way! If not people will know!"
Me: "So we give her like a code name?"
T: "Why that's a great idea!"

Before I continue on, now I realise how childish it was giving a girl (especially one that your friend likes) a code name.

Me: "So what's it gonna be? "See You" because her name's Shi Yun? SY...See You...Shi Yun..."
T: [Dreamy]..."See You...why that sounds nice."
Me: "Why not Copper?"
T: "What? Copper?"
Me: "Well, Copper's name in the Periodic Table is "Cu", which rhymes with "See You". So if people managed to break the first code, at least there's a back-up."
T: "Cool! Now we have two names for her."
Me: "It's nice to have code names and such but what's the point if she doesn't know that you like her?"
T: "True...I will try to tell her then. Thanks...see you then...haha"

Sadly, Shi Yun didn't really accept Thirapon's love...however she did show signs of acceptance. I guess that's how hard girls can be at times. You just don't know if she likes you or not. My friend ended up being broken hearted and sad in the end.

Then there was this time when our senior liked Shi Yun. Age-wise, my Thai friend is older. But school-wise, he's a junior. Well, just imagine that jealousy that he had. It almost resulted in some physical punches.

That was not all, he couldn't really concentrate on his studies because of his liking for Shi Yun. Especially when the teacher taught us the Periodic Table...

Teacher: "Now class, can you tell me what's the colour of copper oxide?"
T: "See You..."
Teacher: "Huh?"

So you can just imagine the many misunderstandings and embarrassing moments he faced.

Then there's also band practices...

Me: "Hey Thirapon I guess I will practice until here. I will be going home now, want to follow?"
T: "Nah, it's ok. See you." [looks at Shi Yun]
Me: "Ah...See You huh? Did you manage to tell See You? Haha...ok then, see you. Bye."

At this time, Shi Yun was looking at us. I could see my friend's face blushing.

: "Am I talking to myself again? Oh man...I am so sorry to disturb you with my crazy stuff. Just continue on with your saxophone practice. I seriously need help."

At this point of time, my friend laughed and she laughed. Hopefully she didn't manage to crack the code name.

Well, that's the sad story that I could think of when I saw that girl at the bus stop. She looked taller and dressed in a shall I say...less reserved? How about my Thai friend? Well, the last time I heard from him was that he went back to Thai. Heard that there's a girl chasing him there...not too sure though.

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