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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blog Hack!

I was doing my work when my friends told me that my blog was hacked. At first I thought it was a prank joke but when I saw my blog, the words were all changed! Ah...

This is the original post and the hacked one next to it. The words are hard to read, so you may want to click on it and view the actual image.

(Warning: The hacked Singlish version (the one on the right) contains hokkien expletives.)

As you can see, the hacked post sounds Singlish. I was confused as who could have done it. As I scanned the window for any clue that may be left by the hacker, I saw this:

It's a site where you can translate you blog, or any other site, to Singlish. It looks like I've been pranked on.

For information on what Singlish is, you can go here.

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