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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Green Orange

We know that oranges are orange in colour, but did you know that there are green oranges?

I was looking through my fridge when I saw this green orange. Since it was the last of its kind in the fridge, I went to take my camera to "document" this new fruit.

Here is how it looks like. Green with some white fungus-like stuff on top of it.

It looks big, but actually it's a tad smaller than the size of your palm. Here's a dollar coin beside it for a better picture of its size.

I began to peel it. The texture of the skin is no different from the orange orange.

Here's how it looks like when fully peeled. Everything's normal, no green goo or bugs in it.

Now's the important part. The taste. It tasted very sweet! Sweeter than orange oranges! I guess green is the in-thing in the orange world. Anyway, the seeds look the same as its well-known cousin. In case you are wondering, this green orange did not come from the planet Greenor, but from Indonesia. Do you want t count the number of seeds there? Come on, I know you want to.

An interesting thought came into my mind as I was "documenting" "Steph And The Green Orange". As I stared at the seeds through the camera, I began to realise that the concept of using sweet taste to disperse the seeds is actually quite smart.

Imagine this orange was in some forest. Some animal comes over and eats it. The seeds are either swallowed or spat out. Either way, it may end up in some soil patch in some area where it will grow and have fruits. The large number of seeds increases the probability that some of them gets to grow, unless they end up in my fridge where the probability is zero, but that's another story.

(I counted 26 seeds, how about you?)

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Blogger Clublint said...

I got up to 17 before I started asking myself what the hell I was doing.

That's amazing. A green orange. Who would have thought?

What you should do is plant the green orange seeds and make a fortune out of selling them once they've grown.

8:28 AM, June 04, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Haha, I guess people learn new things through blogs. Who said that blogs are a waste of time? Lol.

I thought of that, but sadly, I don't have a garden here where I stay.

6:33 PM, June 04, 2006  

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