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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bus Stories

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I will post "Bus Stories" every now and then. After a long hiatus, I have 2 "Bus Stories" here. "Bus Stories" are observations or events during my travels in the bus which are blogworthy. Maybe I should start another meme for this.
1. The Old Fart
I was in the bus stop the other day, waiting for my bus early in the morning. While waiting, there was this senior citizen who walked past me and leaned against one pillar. I didn't really take notice of him as I was still half-asleep.

Then suddenly, without any warning, there was this very loud fart. It lasted for a foul 3 seconds. If you think 3 seconds is short, take a break and try to count for 3 seconds. The early morning silence was broken by what sounded like a semi-automatic M16. Needless to say, it was very loud. All eyes were on him. I looked at him. He looked around as if someone else did it, digged his nose before taking the bus. Talk about being getting attention.

2. Old And Young
When the bus stopped, there was this senior citizen who alighted. He looked frail and skinny. His face did not show any signs of happiness or joy. It was just a sad frown. Quite a pitiful sight. He walked along the aisle before sitting on one of the seats.

A few stops later, there was this mother who took the bus. She brought along her baby girl (about 6 months old?) into the bus. The baby was placed on a pram. It was quite difficult moving about in the narrow aisle. A lot of "Excuse me" and some "Sorry" would be needed to push the pram through the aisle. That was what she did.

It was then that I noticed his expression. The senior citizen gave a smile. It was quite a warm smile. He looked at the baby girl and smiled. He made some actions, trying to relay some messages to the young one. Somehow that scene looked like a bridge between the senior and junior members of society. The mother didn't really bothered about him. It may be due to his appearance that made the mother cautious. The mother pushed the pram over to the rear part of the bus before sitting down. The old man turned his head to the back with a last smile before switching back to his sad face.
My reflections? Babies are truly innocent and cute group of people. They are able to bring a smile across your face, magically fade that tired day of yours away and call you "daddy" and "mummy". The baby was cute. Her mother must be proud of that fact. What's sad is the old man. I guess he felt rejected when the mother pushed the pram, no, the baby in the pram, away. I guess humans judge others by their appearance.

As for the first story, I guess strange things do happen when you least expect it.

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Anonymous Matthew Didier said...

How could I not post a comment under "Bus Stories"???

I do have one though... relayed to me from a friend...

On a semi-crowded bus, an older lady (which to my friend at the time could mean any age) who was described as being "large"... This woman was boarding with several grocery bags. One broke upon entering the vehicle throwing oranges all over the floor...

While desperately trying to retrieve the rolling fruit, she bent over and... well... "let one rip".

Without missing a beat, the drive said aloud, "That's right lady. If you can't catch them... shoot them."

This was TERRBLY embarassing for the lady... but was much amusement for most of the passengers.

2:20 AM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

I would be very mad if I was that lady. Yet not so if I was the other passengers...well I guess such things do happen every now and then in the bus.

Thanks for contributing your bus story :D

6:02 PM, July 03, 2006  

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