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Friday, November 10, 2006

Where's My Oreo Cookie?

This happened a few weeks ago.

I was on duty. So in preparation for the long duty hours, I bought two packets of Oreo cookies.

Office hours was over and people started to go home. As I was on duty, I stayed behind. Being hungry, I decided to eat those cookies. However, I was disappointed...very disappointed.

One of the Oreo cookie packets contained 2 instead of 3! Oh man, and worse still, I am on duty. In case you don't know, my duty hours can stretch all the way until 11pm or even 12am. Starting from 5 pm, it sure is a long stretch. I was thinking how could the packet only contain 2 instead of 3? Did the auntie who sold me this packet took one before selling it to me? No, the sides are sealed and there wasn't any sign of breakage.

I ate the full packet and kept the "blog-worthy" one. I went home and took pics of it to show you how a "2/3 Oreo Packet" would look like.

Here's how it looks like. Kinda innocent huh? But don't be cheated by it's deceptive blue and tempting picture.

If there were three of them inside, you won't be able to fold either side of it, but for this case, I could.

Why is that so? It's because it's empty, allowing me to fold either sides by pushing the two cookies to the left and right side. Now, if you think I crushed one of the cookies among the three inside just to create space, I have nothing to say. I might as well eat all 3 (if there were 3 in the first place) instead of folding it about and blogging about it.

My advice? Feel the packet by gently pressing next time you want to buy an Oreo cookie packet. Of course don't press to the extent of crushing it. Just enough to feel if there's anything inside. For all you know, there may only be one inside or worse, nothing.

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Anonymous teddY said...

LOL! I've found myself in the same situation but with different things before! Last time I bought this candy jumbo packet which should have 100 strawberry candy inside but then in the end about 10+ out of the 100 wrappers are empty!!! Haha.

9:05 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Lol, that's even worse than what I faced. It was like 2/3 of what I should get for me, but your is like 1/10 of what you should get.

8:06 AM, November 11, 2006  

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