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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back In Singapore

Hello! I've been away for so long...yeah I know. Why? Because I missed 2 weeks of school and had to catch up with it.'s a lot of work I must say. Anyway, I reached Singapore at around 1am. There I met Azaria and her friend and passed to Azaria her luggage. After that my parents brought me home. It was a tiring flight. 11 hours from San Francisco to Narita and 7 hours from Narita to Singapore. I reached home at around 2am and unpacked for awhile before going to sleep.

I slept for a few hours as I have classes in the morning. So I slept for around 6 hours. Then I walked out of my home and went to NTU. SBS bus leh...

I reached NTU and waited to see who I would see first. I went to the lecture hall and saw one of my friend. I said hi to him and he was like "Hey! You are back!". Yes, I am back. The lecture was pretty hard to understand as I missed quite a lot of classes liao. I won't say I understand 100%...maybe around 50%? Jia lat man. Anyway, after that I went to library and met some of my other friends. Most of them said something in common. " look tan!". Yeah that was what they said. They said I look Also they mentioned that my hair was pretty long. It was long as I didn't cut it for 2 months...haha...can you believe that? There was this friend who said something like this...

Friend: look darker.
Me: Haha...I know. A lot of people say that. Is my hair long?
Friend:'s quite long.
Me: I know...I was planning to cut it.
Friend: It's long in a fashionable sense.

Lol...what does he mean by "fashionable"? I don't know. Anyway I just cut my hair last week. So it's short now. School was pretty long as Tuesday is my long day. After that I ate dinner at took the bus back home. Whoa...the experience on the bus was...nostalgic. It has been a long time since I tapped my EZ-Link card and hear the *beep*

Another thing I missed about Singapore is the food! Lol...carrot cake, chicken rice, tau huey (beancurd), prata, cheng thing, bak kut teh...etc. Wah the food here is nice loh...but so

However, there are some things that I don't miss at all. For example the weather. After bathing, I sweat after a few It's so humid and sunny here man, unlike in Berkeley where you hardly sweat. Anyway, I don't really walk as much as I did in Berkeley here in Singapore because of the weather. In Berkeley and San Francisco, I used to walk a 7km or so. But From house to bus stop already can's humid man.

Another thing I noticed is that the people here are generally less friendly as the ones in Berkeley. Why do I say so? Simple. There was once I was taking the lift to my floor. Inside was an auntie. She saw me and I walked towards the lift. I thought that she pressed the "Door open" button for me so that I can enter. So I said "Thank you". However, when I walked in the door closed! Can you imagine that? I looked at her and her face was Diao...and she didn't say sorry! -_- Welcome to Singapore. Okay not all Singaporeans are like that but encountering such a situation in just the first day is you say...not very

This semester will be a busy one for me as I have CCA and projects to handle.

One thing I noticed...I've been writing less and Could it be that...haha...hopefully not. This blog has been running since 2005.

I don't know why but I still feel tired and Must be the jetlag. Okay I guess I end here first.

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