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Friday, June 09, 2006

Mozart On Bars!

Guess what? If you are from Singapore and love percussion music, this is just the concert for you. Why? Because my percussion friends are involved in this concert! They are great I tell you. We used to play songs like "The Final Countdown", "Thubthumping" and even "Vesuvius". If there's any group of lively and active bunch of people, it's this group. So what do you get when you have a bunch of adrenaline-pumped teens with percussive music? You get "NoiseRedefined", a wonderfully orchestrated item that, as you guessed it, redefines noise.

Oh yah, when you go there, tell them that this blog post sent you there.

Title: Mozart On Bars followed by "NoiseRedefined"
Time: 5pm
Date: 9th July 2006, Sunday
Venue: Ulu Pandan Community Club
Ticket Price: $10

So don't just read and stone, go for the concert! Instead of eating baked rice or burgers at Swenson's you can spend that $10 on music, something for that artsy part in you.

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