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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Clamped By The North East Line (NEL) Train Doors

Have you ever rushed for the MRT/NEL Train door because you were in a rush even though you might risk getting some part of you clamped by the doors? I have seen some of these incidents by myself.

There was once I was in the NEL Train going to Potong Pasir. Along the way in one of the stations, the door was closing. The friendly female voice as usual repeated the safety message "Doors Closing". However, I saw two tourists rushing for the door. They rushed in, both of them. After stepping inside they laughed and talked about what had happened in their language.

Another incident was in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). This time, it was a man. I can't really tell if he's a local or not. He did the same thing. Jumped in, surprised everyone in the cabin and went to sit in one of the seats. It's quite a scene especially if you are in a long journey.

Personally I find such incidents quite dangerous. I mean, what if your hand gets stuck at the door and the door sensors don't seem to work? The result? A MRT whizzing along the lines with one hand outside visible for all to see. It's a definite turn-off especially for the IMF delegates here. They may think it's some form of protests. Imagine if it's underground. That hand may be cut or scratched or worse still...nevermind.

It was yesterday that I realised why people do such things.

I was again on my way to Potong Pasir (weird isn't it how all my MRT and NEL stories all come about because I was going to Potong Pasir). I alighted at Outram Park and walked down to the NEL station. As I was walking, the electronic message board flashed that the current train is leaving and the next would take 7 minutes. Since the train was leaving, I might as well take my time and walk slowly. I tapped my EZ-Link card and went down.

The train was still there! It did not leave yet. I ran down the escalator. Suddenly, the door lights flashed! The lady in charge of "Door Closing" messages must have forgotton to do her job! I ran towards the door, not knowing whether I was gonna make it. Should I stop or continue? The door was a meter away from me and it was closing! I doubled my speed and made a jump (reminded me how important the standing broad jump is in my Junior College days). I landed inside the NEL with a thump. Inside I could hear a teenage girl saying "Whoa...". It was embarrassing. There were a lot of them looking at me. I walked down the aisle towards the other cabins to avoid their stares.

Now I understand why people do such stunts. The reasons can be surmised in these points:

1. They are rushing for time. It is a pain to see the MRT/NEL Train whizz past you and you realise that the next train arrives in 7 minutes later.
2. It gives the participant an adrenaline rush. Kinda like those Indiana Jones movies only without the man-eating cannibals and all.
3. Teenage girls saying "Whoa". This is just to boost the participant's ego. Quite a useless reason I must say.

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Anonymous albertfruehauf at yeya hoo com said...

Hey, I do recollect the female voice saying "Door closing". That voice is very unique. I visited Singapore 7 years ago, yet I remember. I also the like chime of the Mitsubishi elevators in Singapore. I heard them in the Citibank office in Tampines. I am searching the web for that chime. But can't locate it. :-(

3:06 AM, October 25, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Wow...that's nice. You remember the small little things! Haha...I can't do it as I am not that good with memory.

Hm...the chime sound. Never heard of it. Sorry, can't help you on this.

5:05 PM, October 25, 2006  
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