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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Computer Crash

I don't know if it's part of a computer user's life but my computer has recently crashed and hanged a few times already. As the title states, my computer crashed. It's not crushed. It's still salvage-able.

What happens is this. I switch on the computer but nothing appears on the monitor. I reset and switched on/off the computer but it's still a blank screen. By the way, it's not in my hobby to stare at blank screens.

There was once it started. I saw the words "Memory Test" and hey, my computer's back. Cool huh? I happily used my computer to check my blog and emails. Then all of a sudden, the computer hanged! Again! No!

I tried to reset, switch on/off and shield the CPU from all sorts of magnetic interference that may hinder it (okay maybe not). Then out of the blue, Windows XP appeared on my screen. I was delighted. It worked. Of course, it was short-lived, what isn't?. The computer hanged again just as I was scanning my computer for any nasties.

So you maybe thinking, "How does Steph write this post then?". Simple. The computer is back again. Hopefully, it won't be like the last few times when it suddenly hanged. As of now, I am running Trend Micro's HouseCall and McAfee's FreeScan in the background. They are free and run online without any installation needed.

I think I better end this post lest the computer hangs again. If it does, maybe I'll just go back to the abacus.

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