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Saturday, November 11, 2006

RAZZ Mixer: Personalized Recordings for Blogs

This is a new website called RAZZ. What does it do? It's kinda like a place where you can make yourself to sound like a professional DJ. You say something about yourself/breakfast/Christmas/insert-an-interesting-topic and place it in your blog for people to cheer/jeer at.

It works in Flash, so you need to have the flash plug-in. Also, you need to have a microphone for sound inputs. Nope, ultrasonic humming towards your CPU won't amount to anything other than strange stares from the people around. A microphone is necessary.

The overall layout is nice and easily accessible which is a plus. You won't want to find yourself having trouble saving your recording after the effort you've put in. The RAZZ Mixer is easy to use. I like the many choices it gives. From cartoon noises to the animal sounds, it's hard to run out of choices. The interface is easy and friendly. Quite a nice package I must say.

Are there any improvements that can be made? I feel that the RAZZ Mixer should allow visitors to create and save their recordings without signing up. Perhaps allow them to have a 10 or 15 second recording to try out and if they are happy, they can sign up for it. Won't everyone be happy this way?

Here are some screen shots:

To end my post, here's how a finished recording sounds like:

Make your own Razz!

Try the RAZZ Mixer Yourself

Note: That wasn't me. It was from the list of samples they have.

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