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Monday, November 03, 2008

Exams Are Coming!!!

Wow...I haven't blogged for about 2 months! Unbelievable!'s because I am busy. Now that I am in my 2nd year, I have projects and heavy subjects to study for. Hm...hopefully all will be

Okay...since exams are coming, I'll blogged something about the exams. I have been studying the exam papers of different subjects since my first year and semester and interestingly there's a pattern. Do you know what it is? You know how some papers are essay-type and how some papers are MCQ-type...well, even though they may be different there's still a common question amongst them all. It was "discovered" through one of our informal study groups.

Friend A: I think fracture will come-out in the exams.
Friend B: You mean the one with the linearization?
A: Yeah.
B: Okay, so Steph, what do you think will come out in the exam?
Me: So fast arh? It's my turn already?
A: Yeah, we all thought of a question that will come out for the exam, now it's your turn.
Me: Hm...let me think.

So I flipped through the lecture notes and past year papers. After a few seconds of suspense...

Me: Ah hah!
A: What?
Me: I realized something. I spotted a question...a very important question.
B: Which one?
Me: The first question in the exam.
A: So what about it?
Me: Well, the first and most important question in the exam is your matriculation number!

So dear friends, please don't forget to answer the first question which is your matriculation number.

Now for something inspirational. I found this inspiring video from YouTube. It's about a girl and her hard work. It's pretty inspiring. Enjoy.

All the best for your exams :D

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