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Saturday, June 10, 2006

How The Future Would Be...

Technology is advancing so fast that before your toast is ready, some guy in a lab coat would have discovered something new. At such a rate, it's no surprise that fiction may become fact in the near future. Here are 10 things that may or may not happen in the future.

1. Writing pens may get better. Imagine your favourite pen who (yes, it's "who" and not "which") is able to talk to you. "Sir, I believe you've spelt "Hit" wrongly, there's no "s" in front." Is that intelligent or what!

2. Your fridge is connected to your health records. Everytime you try to take that chocolate bar, the fridge sends a signal to the Duty Nurse where he/she decides whether it's healthy for you. If it isn't, at the press of a button, the fridge will beep with a warning message. If you still take it, the Duty Nurse will place a tag on your health folio which means a 5% service charge on your next visit.

3. Pills may be very common. There's one for dad, mum, your sister and yourself. In it contains the precise amount of vitamins and minerals needed by your body as calculated by nutritionists. If you want, there's even one for Spot too.

4. Emotions may be felt any time you want. You want to feel sad? Just sniff a a small amount of "Tears and More Tears". Happy? Switch to "Joyous Sunshine". You can try anything else but not "?". It was reported that the last person who used "?" ended up in a coma. Now you won't want that do you.

5. Ever wondered what that girl next door thought of you? Well, with the MindReader, you now can. With it's LCD screen and I-Can-Read-Minds technology, her thoughts will appear in any font you want. But here's the catch, you need her MindReader Pass to be in your device's Safelist.

6. Ah Bengs may be more organised. They have a proper management system with Da-ge as the CEO (C Everything One). They have an intranet that allows one beng to communicate with another beng. This would be very useful in checking who still owes them money. Monthly checks will be conducted with a senior staff around the neighbourhood to see if "clients" are on time in their payment. Classes can be conducted for bengs-to-be. Modules such as "Da-ge And Me" and "Persuasion Skills" can be selected by students. Once the class is finished, they will receive a "Certificate of Specialty" which states the beng's specialisation. A student can specialise to be a "Beng Resource Manager", "Recreational Beng" or "Welfare Beng". Don't be surprised if Beng's Limited is awarded with an ISO9XXX award.

7. Buses will come with a mini tranquilizer dart gun situated at the back. Anyone who dares to create a commotion by either beating a foreign worker or hurling vulgarities will be registered in the gun's AI as hostile. You know what will happen after that. Everyone plays a part in public safety, so please don't try the system.

8. Online games will freeze after a certain number of gameplay hours. This is to prevent further cases of people who played to their deaths from happening again. Either that or a reminder for players to take their shower, meal, toilet break...etc.

9. Human augmentation may no longer be science fiction. You can choose the "Bionic Biceps And Triceps" set to overturn your neighbour's car. The "Ultimate Hearing" set allows you to hear almost anything, from someone who just passed a silent gas to your neighbour's secret revenge for his car. It's "hear no evil" no more. Superman will soon be deemed as "les inferior".

10. Games such as Command And Conquer may go from harddisk to reality! You can employ real minigunners or grenadiers to defend your HDB block or take over that bus stop across your street. Humvees and Orca helicopters can be purchased to secure that Community Centre. To spice things up a bit, Tanyas can be called to sabotage your enemy's swimming pool. Whoever gets MacRitchie Reservoir will get money (sounds like Dune) being paid in installments by residents around. For the finale, you can use the ion cannon and blast your enemy's HDB block in Jurong, making it look like a Tuas incinerator. Care for a nuclear bomb?

You have more? Feel free to add your idea(s) here.

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Blogger Chris said...

I believe you've spelled spelled spelt. :)

8:14 AM, June 11, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Haha, that's a good one Chris :D

8:51 AM, June 11, 2006  

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